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The Pearl

“There it lay, the great pearl, perfect as the moon.” Like his father and grandfather before him, Kino is a poor diver, gathering pearls from the gulf beds that once brought great wealth to the Ki

ISBN10 : 1101659815 , ISBN13 : 9781101659816

Page Number : 128

Games People Play

Do you realise you, and all the people you know, play games? All the time? Sexual games, marital games, complex games that you’re not even aware of as you go about your usual life? You might play ga

ISBN10 : 0141938366 , ISBN13 : 9780141938363

Page Number : 176


Outlines a systematic framework for enabling greater productivity without overworking, sharing strategies on how to eliminate unnecessary tasks while streamlining essential employee functions. By the

ISBN10 : 0804137382 , ISBN13 : 9780804137386

Page Number : 260

White Trash

"A history of the class system in America from the colonial era to the present illuminates the crucial legacy of the underprivileged white demographic, citing the pivotal contributions of lower-class

ISBN10 : 0670785970 , ISBN13 : 9780670785971

Page Number : 480

The Power

You are meant to have an amazing life! This is the handbook to the greatest power in the Universe - The Power to have anything you want. Every discovery, invention, and human creation comes fromThe Po

ISBN10 : 0857201719 , ISBN13 : 9780857201713

Page Number : 256


Bring meaning and joy to all your days with this internationally bestselling guide to the Japanese concept of ikigai—the happiness of always being busy—as revealed by the daily habits of the world

ISBN10 : 1524704555 , ISBN13 : 9781524704551

Page Number : 208


Have you ever left a nerve-racking challenge and immediately wished for a do over? Maybe after a job interview, a performance, or a difficult conversation? The very moments that require us to be genui

ISBN10 : 0316256552 , ISBN13 : 9780316256551

Page Number : 352